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Discover the competition-derived, electric version of a rental kart that offers an easy racing experience for drivers of every talent level.
Take thrills to higher levels on a modern kart with zero-emission and zero pollution.
Karting circuit operators can now benefit from the electric edge – zero fuel expenses, no servicing cost, higher utilisation and of course, much higher revenue.

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It is commonly believed that real karting fun comes only on racing karts. IPK is changing that with a specifically designed rental chassis with innovative strengths like crumple-zone protection system, adjustable seats and sticker personalisation. Very simply, the 2020 Raceline Electric Kart from IPK is the fastest that rental karting can offer today.

Electric means heavy, right? Not really. We have now produced the lightest electric kart available. At only 130kg, we offer amazing dynamics on the track, while extracting the most energy out of the battery to last a maximum of 75 minutes of non-stop driving.

Uncompromisingly Safe
The 2020 Raceline is a race machine at heart, with reinforced bumpers and a dual-phase crash absorbing system that is durable. The external protection made from steel or plastic form a safe zone so drivers can enjoy fast-paced fun without worrying about injury. This electric kart is built to last with structurally rigid, two-layer enclosures to protect the battery pack. Intelligent computer electronics guarantee complete electrical and safety in operation or at times of a collision. The energy circuit is also fully designed for fire-prevention and smart shutoff in extreme unforeseen conditions.

Unmatched Performance

The IPK Raceline Electric excels at instant power delivery and accelerates the kart from standstill to a speed of 60 kmph in just 5.5 seconds and soon reaches a maximum speed of 90 kmph. The electronic throttle makes cornering more fun. The enthusiastic thrust pushes an unforgettable sensation to the driver’s brain. The electric experience is so satisfying that drivers want only more and more of this feeling of motion.


Raceline is equipped with an extremely compact and light radial flux PMAC electric motor. It releases over 10,000 watts of smooth motive power at over 95% efficiency through a high-speed chain-drive that can rotate up to 7,000 rpm. The drivetrain saves battery energy and extends battery life, through its regenerative braking feature – charging the battery pack during braking. A variable torque controller manages the enhancement of the driver experience. It processes the responses from the electronic throttle while pumping in assisted electric braking when the driver asks for it by stepping on the brake pedal.

To match with driver skill level, the user is able to select or switch between driving modes such as novice, intermediate, expert, monster, etc. This electric kart’s performance is easily adjustable wirelessly from an app and requires no change in sprockets or mechanical intervention. No loss of time for the operator in serving different varieties of customers. The rain-resistant powertrain is housed within the bodywork, keeping all moving parts away from human touch, for total safety.


Electric propulsion relies on a matching clean energy source that decides the duration of its operation and its peak power. So, the Raceline Electric is powered by the best-of today’s Lithium-ion battery technology, quite similar to the super-successful supercar Tesla. Its streamlined and ultra-efficient battery pack keeps the kart powered for a full hour and fifteen minutes within a very safe and low voltage environment.

The battery pack is inter-operable and can be swapped in minutes. This allows to operate karts without a stoppage due to battery drain. Simply swap it with a spare or alternate pack (from another kart) that was kept on charging mode when not in use.

The battery section weighs only 20 kg for a capacity of about 5 kW-hr and is managed by a smart battery management system (BMS) that’s on board the electric kart. What makes such a light solution possible is the optimal mesh architecture of the Li-ion cells that possess the highest energy in the industry today – a whopping 260 W-hr/kg.
This energy pack is also wonderful in that it can have the operator’s kart up and running with just one hour of recharge, if you don’t want to use our battery swap function. Just plug the fully drained pack into the accompanying portable charger for another hour and the full capacity is available all over again. You can repeat, reuse these batteries for many years due to the long-lasting life of these special batteries. No servicing required either. Just charge, run, swap and repeat. For a long, long time.


Intelligence Unit
The same specialised Electric Vehicle Engineering team partner of IPK who produce the electric engine and the super energy battery pack have also developed and installed a very smart intelligence platform on the Raceline Electric Kart. Its functions include monitoring for safety, performance and energy utilisation. It also controls the illumination system on this leisure kart. Such an on-board state-of-the-art computer is not present on any other kart in the world.

This Electric Kart from IPK for 2020 is presented with augmented illumination in the form of high-power colour and white LEDs for driver-assistance and on-kart lighting. Bright beams of light created by the headlamps switch on automatically, when the ambient light is low, so that visibility and safety of the driver is improved greatly. These LED strips are long-lasting and more efficient than conventional lights.

This modern Electric Kart also features a high-visibility LED strip as a Brake Light to inform the following driver of the status of the kart ahead. Very much like a Formula One racing car, the rear taillight lights up when energy is being recuperated during braking.

For an operator (and sometimes the driver) it is very useful to know what the energy level of a kart is, while its actually running on the course. The intelligence unit puts out different visual LED signals depending on the level of power in the battery. Blue when full to the brim, Green when fine, Blinking Red when very low and ready to charge. At this time, the kart automatically switches to ‘reserve’ mode and the operator can bring kart into the pits, swamp the battery pack and send the kart out for adventure again.

Connected Kart
Another world ‘first’ from this model of IPK is that this Electric Kart is connected for technical performance data through WiFi and Bluetooth to help in quick and easy fault diagnosis and remedy for the operator.


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