Example One 260 Whr/kg


At ElettriCo, we know motorsport applications are demanding when it comes to energy levels. That’s why we custom design packs that produce just the right amount of juice or boost when needed and economise on electric power during non-peak durations.



Lithium batteries are high energy density (upto 10x more than Lead-Acid batteries), with specific energy ranging between 200-400Whr/kg. Their compact size and a life-cycle of more than 100,000 kms make them the most suitable for the EV ecosystem.

Under Lithium batteries, there are various types like LTO, LiFePO4, LiCoAl, and Li-ion (NMC) which offer solutions for electric vehicles. Considering the best compromise in safety, lifespan, energy density, cost and modularity, Li-ion batteries are setting the standard.

Li-ion packs have to be designed with high-precision and care, as their performance and lifespan are highly sensitive to to the following factors.

– Internal resistance of individual cells
– Circuit design for series and paralllel connections
– Thermal management
– Cell Balancing
– Vibration resistance

At ElettriCo, our battery packs are manufactued considering all these critical points in a clear, uniform process.

1) Grouping and Sorting of cells
– Voltage – 200mv ( low speed / current application) and 100mv for high performance
– Inernal reistance – 20-25mohm , 10mohm for high performance packs.

2) Proprietary AmpLi-ion Architecture
– Maximise equal current distribution on all nodes for a superior thermal output.

3) Precision Spot Welding
– Medium current, longer pulse welds to ensure minimum overheating and maximum bonding
– Use of Pure Ni-strips for bus conection, shock absorbing foam at all loading points.

4) Safety Standards
– Following AIS 048, IEC 62133, IEC 62281, UN38.3 guidelines in our design to be compatible with all certifications available for Li-ion battery packs.

5) High-quality Insulation
– Fire resistant foam, thermal conductive materials for enhanced cooling in high performance packs.

6) Integrated Battery Management System
– BMS with cell balancing with 300mA current to ensure maximum SOC and enhanced lifespan of the battery.

7) Inspection
– Quality inspection of welds, electrical insulation.

8) Testing
– Testing the charge and discharge properties as per design requirements.