PRAGA ELECTRIC 1 Hour+ running time.

Cool. Clean. Green. Quiet.

Slide The lightest electric kart available today. ULTRA LIGHT

Slide Electronic brakes regenerate power. SMART ELECTRONICS

Slide Engineered to run
for over 90 minutes.

Slide Experience real forces with instant power delivery. ULTIMATE ACCELERATION

ELECTRIC GO-KART - Built for the future. Green and Quiet.

The Praga Raceline Electric Go-Kart is really light-weight with the longest running battery duration of any go-kart in 2020. The ElettriCo electric powertrain offers perfect racing dynamics and makes for extreme fun to drive, requiring zero maintenance. The Electric Go-KartRaceline, is a dream to own, manage and drive.

The Electric Experience

The Race Line Electric is the fastest that any rental go-kart is able to offer. It can run indoors or outdoors in complete safety for over one hour and quick-swap interchangeable Lithium-ion Battery Packs and zero fuel costs.


Weighing in at 130 kg, the Raceline Electric is the lightest electric go-kart available today. By keeping the weight low, we‘re able to extract the most out of the battery and have amazing dynamics on track.

Integrated with an intelligent safety electronics unit, and structurally-rigid enclosures, this electric go-kart is built to last.

Experience real forces with instant power delivery and precise throttle control with our electric powertrain.

Our battery is engineered to produce the maximum energy density, with dual-layer protection.